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April 12, 2022

Streamr staking | Mainnet

Let's Node!

⠀Streamr is a decentralized, open-source platform that allows different messages to be sent from authors to subscribers.


Information about the project

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⠀Streamr is a decentralized, open-source platform for real-time data transfering. It is based on the Streamr network, which transfers various messages from authors to subscribers, presenting users with a global service for sharing content.

⠀A distinctive feature of Streamr is its decentralization due to the possibility to run on any machine, even a Raspberry Pi. Besides, similarly to cloud services, there is a possibility of huge scalability without any problems with content providers blocking. There is also no data monopoly — there is no need to transfer data to a third party. In addition, the user gets high security, which is obviously a plus. Another important difference is that Streamr uses companion blockchains: Ethereum and Polygon.


⠀At this stage, it is possible to stack $DATA tokens only on your node. The Streamr team plans to implement the possibility of delegating tokens closer to Q3 2022.


⠀At the time of writing the APY and APR are 260% and 135% respectively, actual information is available at the link.


⠀Known conditions:

  • To participate in the stacking, you have to launch your node using a wallet containing $DATA tokens;
  • The tokens must be in the Polygon network;
  • You can delegate maximum 10'000 $DATA on one wallet/node;
  • Stacking payments are made automatically to the wallet linked to the node on the 1st working day of each month.

Server requirements

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⠀Any server, but the faster the internet speed, the better. You can even run it on a Raspberry Pi.

⠀Suitable servers:


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⠀You must specify the private key of the wallet with $DATA tokens in the Polygon network when configuring the node, then the node will generate a key that is sent to the Streamr server and by which the presence of tokens on the linked wallet is checked at random times. It is desirable to use a separately created for it wallet.

⠀The maximum amount of staking tokens per node is 10'000 $DATA. For example, if a wallet has 30'000 $DATA, then the reward will be received only from 10'000 $DATA, to receive rewards from the whole stake you need to divide it into 3 wallets and run 3 nodes.

⠀If there is no empty wallet, you have to create one in Metamask.

⠀Next, you need to add the Polygon network to the Metamask in one of the following ways:

  • Via Chainlist:
    • Go to the Chainlist website;
    • Connect the wallet;
    • Enter «Polygon» in the search box;
    • Click on «Add to Metamask».

⠀After that, you need to send up to 10'000 $DATA in the Polygon network to the wallet address, then export the private key (you will need to enter the password from Metamask).


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Perform all actions as root user.

⠀Each subsection is a separate type of installation, you have to select one of them:

Docker (manual)

For beginners

⠀Update packages

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

⠀Install the required packages

sudo apt install wget git build-essential jq -y

⠀Install Docker

. <(wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/SecorD0/utils/main/installers/docker.sh)

⠀Run a container in node configuration mode

docker run -it --rm -v $HOME/.streamr:/root/.streamr streamr/broker-node bin/config-wizard

⠀Perform a node setup:

  • Select Import, press Enter, enter the private key of wallet with tokens and press Enter
  • Press Enter
  • Press Y + Enter
  • Press Enter

⠀After a successful node setup, the screen will look like this

⠀After the configuration, you need to launch the node

docker run -dit --restart always --name streamr_node -p 7170:7170 -p 7171:7171 -p 1883:1883 -v $HOME/.streamr:/root/.streamr streamr/broker-node

⠀Add commands to the system as aliases:

  • To view the log of the node;
  • To view the node information, ballance and rewards amount.
. <(wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/SecorD0/utils/main/miscellaneous/insert_variable.sh) -n streamr_log -v "docker logs streamr_node -fn 100" -a
. <(wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/SecorD0/utils/main/miscellaneous/insert_variable.sh) -n streamr_node_info -v ". <(wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/letsnode/Streamr/main/node_info.sh) -l RU 2> /dev/null" -a

Docker (automatical)

For advanced

⠀Run the script and wait till the installation is done

⠀If the file $HOME/.streamr/config/default.json, the node will launch with the wallet from the config.

. <(wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/letsnode/Streamr/main/multi_tool.sh)

Checking node working

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⠀After the node launchin, you need to open the log


⠀After a while you will see messages indicating a successful connection to the network.

Information about a node

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⠀To view the amount of rewards received and some other information, you can use the two methods described below.

Command line interface

⠀If it wasn’t added earlier, then add the command to view information about the node in the system as a variable

. <(wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/SecorD0/utils/main/miscellaneous/insert_variable.sh) -n streamr_node_info -v ". <(wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/letsnode/Streamr/main/node_info.sh) -l RU 2> /dev/null" -a

⠀View information about the node



⠀Go to the website on any device, enter the wallet address and click «Scan»


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⠀Run the script and wait for execution

. <(wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/letsnode/Streamr/main/multi_tool.sh) \


⠀Update the image

docker pull streamr/broker-node

⠀Stop the node

docker stop streamr_node

⠀Remove the container with the node

docker rm streamr_node

⠀Restart the container with the node

docker run -dit --restart always --name streamr_node -p 7170:7170 -p 7171:7171 -p 1883:1883 -v $HOME/.streamr:/root/.streamr streamr/broker-node

⠀Make sure the node version is 31.0.0

docker logs streamr_node -n 100 | grep "version"


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⠀Run the script and wait till the uninstalling is done

⠀To delete a config, add the -c option.

. <(wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/letsnode/Streamr/main/multi_tool.sh) \

Community contribution

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Our team is not responsible for any possible negative consequences, as we cannot guarantee the safety of the tools presented

How to get here?

⠀To get into this honorable section, you should write a message to SecorD with information about the tool:

  • Project name;
  • A short title in 2-3 words (to be used as a headline);
  • Description to be added to the article (what it's for, functionality, how to use it, other useful information, preferably with screenshots).

⠀What does it give?

  • Benefits to the community;
  • Opportunity to make a statement;
  • An additional opportunity to present evidence of the contribution in various projects.

Useful commands

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⠀To view the node's log

docker logs streamr_node -fn 100

⠀To view the information about the node

. <(wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/letsnode/Streamr/main/node_info.sh) -l RU

⠀To remove the container with the node

docker stop streamr_node
docker rm streamr_node

⠀To restart the node

docker restart streamr_node

Useful links

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Official website | Discord | Twitter | Reddit | GitHub

Official docs | Explorer


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Let’s Node! Team — studying the project, writing the article

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